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Molly Sutz, CFP®, MS, AFC®

Molly Sutz, CFP®, MS, AFC®

Wealth Advisor
Molly Sutz

Wealth Advisor

Molly works closely with clients to gather financial information, develop financial plans, and monitor client updates. She assists with talking to clients on a daily basis to ensure all questions are answered and clients’ financial needs are met.

Molly earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia. After graduating, Molly spent three years as an Advisor at a local firm in Athens, Georgia. During this time, Molly realized the value of understanding the psychological role that money played in her clients’ lives and the way money affects clients’ decision-making. This led Molly to continue her education at the University of Georgia where she completed a Master of Science in Behavioral Financial Planning/Financial Therapy. During this time, Molly was heavily involved in the community and provided pro bono financial planning to families in the Athens area. In 2022, Molly successfully completed all CFP® education requirements and earned her CFP® certification.

Molly currently lives in Moultrie, Georgia.

What does “improving the quality of our clients’ lives” mean to you?

I believe improving the quality of our clients’ lives comes from simply listening As an advisor, my goal is to provide an environment where clients feel open to discuss the past, present, and future regarding their finances. Once a client feels understood and quality financial planning is undertaken, the sky is the limit for improving our clients’ lives.

What keeps you busy when you’re not working?

My all-time favorite activity is backpacking and camping in Georgia and beyond! Spending time with my family, finding the best charcuterie, and listening to podcasts are just a few more of my favorites.

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