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Streamlining Financial Planning

BlueSky Planning SM

BlueSky has made it a priority to develop systems for every level of service we offer. Over the years, we have built comprehensive workflows that accompany our proprietary “Financial Planning Checklists,” which outline every actionable item that we manage for a client on an ongoing basis. This ensures that no planning item is overlooked.

We have developed proprietary “Life Stages Planning Modules” that account for each phase of life that a client or family may encounter along their journey. For example, if a client moves for a new job, transitions to a new career, wants to start a college fund, needs help structuring an entity, is getting married, or needs a postmortem estate settlement after losing a loved one — we have a planning module, guideline, and comprehensive workflow to accompany the various stages of life.

Personal CFO Services

BlueSky PlanningSM is our proprietary method of simplifying, organizing, and clarifying all the complexities of your life while helping uncover the life goals and values that matter most to you.
Goal Planning

Where do you want to be in 5 years? … Or in 10 years?

Goal setting is the critical first step to becoming financially secure, but it can be intimidating. We’re here to help you define your financial goals and create a simplified approach that will measure your success and keep you motivated. What we do is more than investing money; it’s about improving your quality of life and instilling confidence in your future. Our personalized financial plan will guide you to prioritize spending and saving according to your own goals.

Tax Planning

Are you a business owner looking to minimize the impact of your taxes?

Understanding your options and tax regulations will guide you on a tax-efficient path. Our team will provide a holistic review of your tax situation, setting you up with both short and long-term strategies for your benefit. Leave the federal and state tax codes to the experts, and allow our team to prepare tax projections to ensure the most accurate estimated tax payments and withdrawal decisions.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Are you exhausted by the very thought of tackling your taxes and spending time with an accountant you meet with only once a year, hoping to make sense of all your tax documents?

Our strategic expertise extends to filing personal and/or business tax returns as a personalized additional service.

Risk Management

Do you have a plan to make sure all of your insurance policies are integrated into your overall financial plan?

To achieve a fully integrated financial plan, we methodically review your existing insurance to identify any gaps or inefficiencies in your coverage. Working alongside your agent or one of our preferred providers, we will make any necessary adjustments to protect you, your business, and your family against unforeseen risks.

Small Business Ownership

Have you really considered your business’s succession plan and the challenges you might face implementing it?

As a business owner, your business model should be integrated with your personal finances and family goals to achieve overall financial independence. BlueSky’s comprehensive services will guide you through the many challenges brought on by owning a business.

Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed about creating passive income outside of your regular income?

As part of our holistic approach, we will advise you on ownership of income-producing properties based on your overall financial goals. Together, we will devise a plan to leverage the most return out of your investment properties, whether that’s repositioning your portfolio, limiting tax liabilities, or evaluating your home equity.

Estate Planning

Is your current plan organized and structured to avoid the probate process?

With our guidance, you can ensure a clear understanding of your wishes in the long-term care of your wealth. Our team will carefully review your wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, financial arrangement plans, and other estate planning documents to be integrated into your overall financial plan. The attention-to-detail we provide goes beyond asset organization, it offers you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Ongoing Planning Services

Are you confident that your financial circumstances are being managed in a way that can provide financial independence for you now and in the future?

The road to retirement is long, but with BlueSky projections, you will be able to plan ahead to invest in your future self. Prepare for life’s “what if’s” under the guidance of our trusted financial advisors, accounting for travel, home, or medical expenses that may arise. Our personalized financial plan will help you balance your accumulated assets so you can enjoy your desired quality of life upon retirement.

Philanthropic Planning

Do you have a giving strategy that allows you to achieve your charitable goals?

Your desires for charitable giving will be integrated into a personal wealth management plan. Our experts will walk you through your philanthropic endeavors, connecting you with opportunities such as private foundations, donor-advised funds, planned-giving, and charitable trusts.

Cash Flow Planning

Do you know where your cash is going and how much you need to meet your goals?

We believe there is always room for improvement, and we are committed to growing your assets to ensure your financial freedom. Analyzing your existing cash flow and cash reserves will lead to informed decisions to improve your financial future. Our projections will form a capital allocation strategy personalized for your financial goals.

Investment Management
Does your portfolio align with your goals and values?

Our evidence-based BlueSky Portfolio SM models will diversify and protect your portfolio. We will be there to help manage the emotions of investing, look beyond the headlines, and focus on what you can control and what matters most.

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One Decision. Set For Life.

Our Values are at the Core of Everything We Do

Though our industry and society as a whole may change, these cornerstones remain as a guide to remember what we stand for and how we can successfully accomplish our mission.


Within our team and beyond, we honor everyone we impact and act in their best interest.


We share our financial expertise not only as thought leaders in our industry, but as a resource for our clients.


Doing the right thing in thought, word, and deed every time, without hesitation.


We exist to serve our clients, striving to exceed their expectations in every interaction.