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Let's Talk About Fees.

The financial industry is murky at best — full of hidden fees, bad advice, and shady salespeople disguised as trusted advisors. Let’s clear a few things up:

We are fee-only financial planners, not salespeople.

We don't push investment or insurance products or receive any kind of commissions or kickbacks. Our only compensation comes directly from you, our clients.

We are SEC-registered fiduciaries.

This means we're legally required to act in your best interest -- and we're proud of it! Mutual trust in this relationship is key, and that only exists when our interests are aligned with yours.

Pricing is based on the complexity of your situation.

Your life is dynamic and unique. As the complexity of your situation changes, so will your price for financial planning services.


Our Pricing Philosophy is Simple

We believe that the price you pay for financial planning should be based on the actual complexity of your situation and the value received, not just on the amount of money you have.

That’s why we’ve built our proprietary calculator to take all that we’ve learned over nearly 25 years serving clients to assign a price that is “right sized” for your situation, based on several key factors like your stage of life, profession, family size, income, and net worth (excluding your business).

A Transparent Fee That Evolves With You

As your life evolves, so will your price for service.

We’ll revisit your life situation and planning complexity from time to time to see if pricing adjustments need to be made.

For example, your price for planning may go up if…
– Your overall net worth grows significantly
– Your income increases significantly
– You start a business or have a child
– Your overall planning complexity increases

Or, your price for planning may go down if…
– You retire from your business and drastically simplify your planning needs
– You spend down (or give away) a significant percentage of your assets over your lifetime
– Your overall planning complexity significantly decreases

Our financial planning services range from a minimum of $2,500 per quarter, up to a maximum of $16,250 per quarter, depending on the complexity of your planning needs.

We’re not going to be the cheapest planning firm — and we’re comfortable with that. We provide a premium service from a team of premium people. 

Think about it — if you needed to get open heart surgery, would you want your doctor to have a medical degree and the appropriate education and credentials? We sure would.

Our clients believe in the value of expert services, and can rest assured knowing that their advisory team is composed of CFPs, CFAs, CPAs, EAs, and master’s degrees.

If you agree with our approach, let’s talk.

Premium Service provided by a Premium Team

Graph showing that BlueSky Wealth Advisor pricing is based on the client's planning complexity.