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Personal Finances, Business Guidance, & Proactive Tax Planning…

All In One Place.

The path to achieving financial freedom is different for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional retirement plan or an informed strategy to generate passive income, our advisors will help you reach your personal definition of financial independence. 

As your Personal CFO, we offer a personal partnership with our team of experts to design and implement a strategy to diversify your income and get your life back.

Our Proprietary Process

Our entire client service delivery model is based on our proprietary “Financial Planning Guidelines” that incorporate how we design our plans and every avenue used in assessing the current state of a client’s financial affairs.

BlueSky has made it a priority to develop systems for every level of service we offer. Over the years, we have built comprehensive workflows that accompany our proprietary “Financial Planning Checklists,” which outline every actionable item that we manage for a client on an ongoing basis. This ensures that no planning item is overlooked.

We have developed proprietary “Life Stages Planning Modules” that account for each phase of life that a client or family may encounter along their journey. For example, if a client moves for a new job, transitions to a new career, wants to start a college fund, needs help structuring an entity, is getting married, or needs a postmortem estate settlement after losing a loved one — we have a planning module, guideline, and comprehensive workflow to accompany the various stages of life.

Our proprietary wealth management process takes into consideration all aspects of your financial life.

We believe in a disciplined approach to investment management. We maximize diversification and minimize unnecessary risk and expense. Your trusted team of advisors will consistently review your goals, financial needs and portfolio to ensure that your financial plan is always on the right path.

Our Process

1. Discovery

The discovery phase begins with your first consultation with BlueSky. We ask that you complete a Personal Financial Profile (PFP) and provide a few documents so that we can have a detailed and comprehensive conversation with you. This is the time for everyone to understand what you value in an advisory relationship, and we’ll discuss what value we can offer in return. After the initial consultation, our team will send you a personalized proposal detailing your custom pricing and the value BlueSky will provide to your overall situation.

2. Onboarding

We have developed a streamlined New Client Process designed to be an effective and efficient way to kick off our partnership. This process includes several meetings to understand your values and goals and start creating your personalized financial plan. Onboarding meetings help us understand your resources, set goals, begin to simplify your life, and prioritize an action plan for our ongoing partnership.

3. Planning

The planning phase is when we do what we do best. We execute. By keeping our finger on the pulse of what is going on in your life, we are able to proactively plan for all of life’s seasons. More importantly, BlueSky is able to deliver results.

BlueSky team around conference table

4. Monitoring

We continually evaluate, plan, recommend, and make decisions with our clients in our ongoing relationship. As life changes, we count on our proprietary modules to take care of our clients financial wellness.

One Decision. Set For Life.

Our Values are at the Core of Everything We Do

Though our industry and society as a whole may change, these cornerstones remain as a guide to remember what we stand for and how we can successfully accomplish our mission.


Within our team and beyond, we honor everyone we impact and act in their best interest.


We share our financial expertise not only as thought leaders in our industry, but as a resource for our clients.


Doing the right thing in thought, word, and deed every time, without hesitation.


We exist to serve our clients, striving to exceed their expectations in every interaction.