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Meet Sarah,
a High-Earning Executive

BlueSky simplifies your path to financial freedom…

When Sarah came to us five years ago, she was earning a very high income as a sales rep in the technology arena and knew she was paying too much money in taxes. She was hoping we could lower her tax burden, while creating a plan to simplify her financial life.

After meeting with Sarah, we quickly realized there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed. She had acquired several rental properties over the years that were producing negative cash flow, she was overly concentrated in company stock from current and previous employers, and she was clearly overwhelmed trying to manage all of the moving parts in her financial life.

First, we developed a plan to reposition her real estate portfolio to eliminate negative cash flow while limiting capital gains. Second, we diversified the RSUs from her previous employers to reduce risk in her portfolio while leveraging the losses from her real estate repositioning. Finally, we created a long-term comprehensive tax strategy to reduce her overall high income tax burden.

Today, we continue to help Sarah lead an exciting and rewarding life. Her successful career takes her all over the globe, allowing her to fulfill her passion for travel with the peace of mind knowing that her financial life is being overseen by BlueSky back home. She is even contemplating a move to South America—stay tuned!