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Meet Cameron and Paige,
Successful Medical Practitioners

BlueSky simplifies your path to financial freedom…

When Cameron was offered the opportunity to join the cardiology department at a nearby hospital he felt perhaps this was a good time to have his financial and investment situation evaluated. 

Making the move from Massachusetts to North Carolina was going to be quite a change, so he wanted to make sure they were well prepared both financially and emotionally. To help Cameron and his wife, Paige feel less anxious about the move we immediately started to advise them on the best choice for their new home within a desirable school district. We looked at renting vs. owning scenarios, while making sure we were not rushing into any decisions. 

At the same time, while taking care of these immediate needs the team was also making sure their assets were adequately protected. We reviewed their professional coverage against law suits and personal coverage to make sure Paige and the children would be taken care of in case of any untimely life events.

We also created a comprehensive plan that involved developing investments strategies that involved saving for retirement, creating an after-tax bucket to build upon, and eventually having enough capital for Cameron and Paige to start up their own sailing camp – a long time passion shared by both.