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While we don’t have a required minimum level of wealth to work with our team, we do have a minimum price of $2,500 per quarter. Typically, we’ve found our services tend to be the best fit for individuals and families with at least $1M-$1.5M of money to invest.

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Raving Fans

“I have known and worked with David for numerous clients and am always impressed with his dedication, acumen, and good business sense. I can think of no better author or example who good investment advisors can model than David.”
Alan Gassamn, JD, LLM
“Do you have someone that you could count on to take care of your family and your finances if something happened to you? David earned that position in my life.”
Kevin Bell, Client of BlueSky Wealth Advisors
“A lifelong learner, his interest and respect are sincere. David has been a trusted mentor to me for more than thirty years. Few people I've met rival his practical mix of discipline, industry, and devotion to greater purpose. With the courage to defy convention, and to live the life of his own design, David never compromises on principle. Two things you can count-on: his wise counsel comes from a place of love, and he walks the same path he endorses.”
W. John Oliver, Managing Partner, Battle Monument Group