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The Fiduciary Parent – The Ultimate Plan Sponsor Shouldn’t Overlook this Familiar Tool

Plan sponsors act as the parental overseer for corporate retirement plans. They set up the plan. Then determine the grid of investment options. They help the employees direct their earnings into the plan. The employees may have a say in what investments they choose, but only within the confines of the menu already approved by the plan sponsor. In this way, plan sponsors are like parents watching over their employees’ retirement savings.

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How to Pay Taxes on Investment Income

Investors who sold profitable stocks in 2018 are facing a potential tax bill unless other investments which lost value were also divested. The tax on an individual's investment income can be challenging to determine. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, known as TCJA, could add another burden as it impacted the tax liabilities for many individuals with their 2018 tax year returns

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401(k)s: Making the Most of the Match

BlueSky Wealth Advisor John Gjertsen CFA, CFP®, EA is located in Acworth, Georgia. The beginning of a calendar year is the perfect time for employees to re-evaluate their strategy for saving in a retirement plan, such as a 401(k). With limits that frequently change and a complicated array of tax and plan rules, taking full advantage of employee benefits can sometimes be a tricky proposition.

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