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Elite Military Service Leads to Smarter Financial Decisions and a Calling for Entrepreneurship

In a SharkPreneur Podcast interview with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene, BlueSky Wealth Advisors CEO David Blain, CFA, relives his West Point days and his time spent in the United States Army Airborne, Ranger, and Specials Operations units. Listen in as he details how his training in strategy, discipline, and teamwork led him to the best investment he ever made. 

Here are some of the topics covered in David's SharkPreneur Episode:

  • The best investment one can ever make.
  • The five basic habits anyone can use for financial success.
  • The biggest secret to success and financial independence.
  • The fundamental principle: save more and spend less.
  • Timing the market: longevity is key.

Want to hear more from David? Download a free chapter of his bookInvest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfoliohere. 

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