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Investing In Your Life with David L. Blain

In his many years as a personal investor and financial advisor, BlueSky Wealth Advisors CEO David Blain, CFA, has become a bit of an expert in real estate investing. In a recent REI Diamonds podcast interview with Dan Breslin, David details his real estate journey, from flipping and selling homes for military families to finding success and satisfaction in syndicated real estate and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Listen to the full episode here

Here are some of the topics covered in David's REI Diamonds Episode:

  • An Army guy's introduction to real estate investing success.
  • The shift from Army Special Operative to Financial Planning Entrepreneur. 
  • Real estate as an investment versus real estate as a business. 
  • Making a smart and lucrative real estate investment, and how to avoid those that are not. 
  • The different stages of investing and when it's time to seek a financial advisor.

Want to hear more from David? Download a free chapter of his book, Invest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfoliohere. 

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