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Tiffany Cassell

Tiffany Cassell

Operations Associate

Operations Associate

Tiffany joined the BlueSky team full-time in 2022 after working part-time with us on a project basis throughout the years.

Tiffany manages and executes firm-wide initiatives and projects while providing day-to-day operational support to the various department of the firm. She also performs essential administrative functions in support of our client relationships.

Tiffany has been working in customer service since she was fourteen years old. She began answering phones and taking orders in a local pizza shop and continued to work in food service for many years while having other office jobs. She has always felt that working in food service prepared her for dealing with various situations among consumers.

In 2007, Tiffany began a career in insurance billing. She completed a certification in medical billing, CPB (Certified Professional Biller) through AAPC.

What do you enjoy most about being part of BlueSky?

I’ve enjoyed the positive atmosphere within the office since joining BlueSky. Even when the staff is busy with work, everyone remains cheerful and helpful. This kind of attitude is infectious, and I look forward to being a part of it.

What does “improving the quality of our clients’ lives” mean to you?

“Improving the quality of our clients’ lives” means providing them with a level of service they might not receive elsewhere. It seems that client service is no longer a top priority; however, I believe it needs to be a priority for businesses. Consumers want to feel that the people they’re doing business with care about their needs – and how the rest of their day will go. A positive experience – whether an email, phone call, or simple text message – can turn around someone’s day.

What keeps you busy when you’re not working?

Usually, I would be busy planning my family’s vacations for next year. I’m not quite planning that far ahead with all of the recent life changes. Lately, I have been taking a deep dive into several history podcasts. My family keeps busy with Cub Scout events as my son is finishing his last year before boy scouts and my husband, James, is the pack Cub Master. You could say my family is involved in scouting.

Anything else you want to make sure people know about you?

I am a big pop culture fan! I’m a massive fan of anything Marvel or Star Wars. Since I was a kid, I’ve read comic books, and Marvel movies were my new rock concert. My family and I go to the movies on opening weekend (sometimes twice). Once my brother had watched the movie, we began to text about what it could mean for future movies. Sometimes, I can get a little overzealous when talking about these things because of my passion and have to get reigned in.

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