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This Financial Adviser Takes Diversification to Another Level

In this article by, MarketWatch, BlueSky CEO, David Blain, CFA rejects the traditional three-legged stool of pension, Social Security and stock/bond investments.

David Blain likes simplicity as much as the next guy. But he’s also intent on giving his clients more choices, not less.

A financial adviser in New Bern, N.C., Blain takes diversification to another level when helping people plan for retirement. Rather than focus on the right mix of stocks and bonds, he looks elsewhere for higher returns.

Blain, 50, says that when he entered the advisory business in 1999, individuals typically counted on three sources of retirement funds: a pension, Social Security and traditional investments in equities and bonds. But times change.

“That was the old three-legged stool for retirement planning,” he said. “We teach a new three-legged stool.”

When allocating client assets during their prime earning years, Blain urges them to widen their investment landscape. He suggests that they divvy up their money into three categories: buying an ownership stake in a private company, purchasing income-producing real estate and parking the rest in traditional stocks, bonds and other standard investments...(full article)

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