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Small Business Owners: Part 4

David Blain, CFA is CEO and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors, and author of "Invest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfolio."

As a business owner, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the tax forms for your individual and business income. This is why it is crucial for in advisor to understand these forms when developing a tax strategy for their clients. The advisor will also need to be familiar with the many tax strategies available to reduce the tax burden for their business owner clients. To hear David discuss where to find pertinent tax information in more detail and to learn about the various strategies we use at BlueSky, click here.

What to watch for:

Individual Income Tax- 00:04

Schedule K1- 1:41

Business Income Tax- 5:25

Tax reduction strategies- 11:08

Charitable Contributions-12:55

NAPFA-Registered, Fee-Only Financial Advisors

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