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Client Testimonials

All testimonials have been provided by real, current clients. No client was compensated, directly or indirectly, for providing these statements. BlueSky Wealth Advisors gained each client’s permission to publish their testimonial.

What Our Raving Fans Have To Say


BlueSky Client


“Madeline and Tom always take a lot of time for us. We appreciate their knowledge and ability to explain complex financial information, especially in tax planning as well as planning for future needs of our special needs child. Madeline not only takes facts and numbers into account, but also ensures that we are comfortable with the decisions we are making. She understands that this is not just a financial, but also an emotional investment. We trust our team.”

BlueSky Client


Tom & Karen


“Simply put, Blue Sky provides the competence, integrity, and insight to meet my financial needs. Attention to detail and wise financial guidance enable me to feel at ease in a turbulent fiscal environment. Clairvoyant in their vision, my team is always ahead of the game, whether it be taxes, investment strategy or whatever. They exude confidence because they have the credentials and experience to perform at the highest level.”

BlueSky Client


“As Walt and I approached retirement we realized that we were ill-prepared to cope with the unpredictability of our financial future. We had seen our investments disappear in Stock Market downturns like those of 1989 and 2000. We had seen our savings languish without meaningful growth for decades. We experienced “living poor” to pay taxes on the capital gains made by investment managers who were only interest in profits, not in retention of capital. We had neither the skill nor knowledge to safely invest for the future.
We met David Blain through a profile published in Money Magazine. He had an investment philosophy that matched our needs. We entered into a contact with his firm in 2008 and have never regretted a moment of our relationship. Almost immediately the housing bubble crashed the market. Because of David’s astute management we lost little of our capital and quickly gained it back. Over the years, David has focused on ‘not how much we made, but on how much we kept.’ His management has allowed us to safely and securely enter our later retirement years.
His management team does not just focus on capital. They have guided us through the maze of estate planning. They have protected our interest by insuring correct and effective tax planning. They have fixed more that one of my financial missteps. They helped me with the resolution of my mother’s estate. They have always been there when I needed them. Christie Bonacci and her remarkable team have literally made dreams come true.
Because of our relationship with BlueSky, Walt and I can enjoy the later part or retirement. We have achieved our goals of financial security while maintaining our hobby horse farm and fulfilling a long-time dream of building a home on the Intercoastal Waterway. We will be able to leave meaningful bequests to family and to charity. We are grateful to the organization and the wonderful people who work hard to make our lives easy.”


Hubert, NC

BlueSky clients since 2008


“One of the things I have appreciated most about BlueSky has been the tremendous communication and responsiveness of the team. In addition to their proactive scheduling of quarterly reviews, I have reached out many times of the years with questions and requests, and they have never failed to get back to me very rapidly with meaningful responses. They are a pleasure to work with.”


Saint Johns, FL

BlueSky client since 2014


“We appreciate the thoughtful and perceptive way the team from BlueSky keeps us informed and provides clarification, often before we fully form our questions. Our BlueSky advisor team is skilled at giving us the data and insight we need to make decisions as our life unfolds. The support of the BlueSky team repeatedly allows us to flex with confidence as we direct ourselves financial plan toward each new goal. They are our trusted advisors and who keep our objectives in mind. We have had preachy financial advisors in the past and BlueSky’s data and insight driven approach is a breath of fresh air.”


Emerald Hills, CA

BlueSky clients since 2020


“BlueSky helped us during a period of major changes and growth with both our business and our personal finances. They provided (and keep providing) guidance not only on investments and cash management but also on estate planning, tax issues and insurance needs.”

Lisa and Alex

St Petersburg, FL

BlueSky clients since 2019


“The Blue Sky team has assisted me for more than 8 years with management of all aspects of my finances. This includes financial portfolio, retirement and tax planning, and methods for meeting my financial goals. They are professional, easy to work with, kind in their explanations so I can understand, and helpful with any needs I had over the years. I fully trust their team and appreciate their knowledge, experience, and willingness to assist me at any time. I found them to always respond promptly to any questions I have or requests for assistance. Their firm has high standards of integrity which they have met in all services provided me in our years of working together. I highly recommend the Blue Sky team.”


Midland, TX

BlueSky client since 2015


“In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my gratitude to BlueSky and most especially Christie Bonacci, Tara Hughes and Seth Lodge for their dedicated help in assisting me in settling my late husband’s ,Richard’s, estate. They not only acted in a true fiduciary manner with my best interests, but expressed their deepest condolences, support and caring advice. They readily took care of all the financial issues that were raised with suggestions and advice. I found it a pleasure and consolation to have them work along with my financial settlement. They explained each step of the process along the way so I could comprehend before decisions were made. They were very patient with my comprehension. Blue Sky is an efficient, knowledgeable and caring wealth manager. Highest recommendation with confidence.”


New Bern, NC

BlueSky client since 2008


BlueSky Client


“The team at Bluesky has been a part of me for 20+ years. They have provided me with the best investment opportunities, and have been there for me throughout every stage of my career. They have answered my calls and questions even after hours and weekends. My portfolio has grown leaps and bounds and David, Christie, Molly and the rest of the advisors are top notch!”


Stuart, FL

BlueSky Client since 2002


“The experience Jim and I have had with Blue Sky has been great. What a refreshing change!

Madison, Molly and Tara have been exceptional with everything they have done for us, and continue to do. Haven’t “left a page unturned” as they say. We no doubt made the right decision!

Thank you for reaching out and following up with the process. In our book, communication is the name of the game. Which unfortunately, in this day and age, is lacking in many situations.

So glad we made the switch from First Command. You should feel proud for the company you represent!”

Jim & Mary

St. Johns, FL

BlueSky clients since 2023


“The peace of mind we get from working with John and Johanna at Blue Sky is immeasurable. We appreciate the scope and depth of what they bring to us. We have worked with them for many years and the smartest thing we did was to start early. We can now take comfort in knowing that we have a solid financial plan that allows us to enter life beyond work! They have been a wonderful sounding board for all kinds of life events and decisions. They go way beyond basic financial planning and investment management. They have given us solid advice on our social security strategy, insurance coverages, real estate decisions, tax planning and have helped us navigate complex estate planning for a son with disabilities.
If you are looking for a true partner in planning for your future choose Blue Sky!”

Daniel and Katherine

Los Gatos, CA

BlueSky clients since 2006


“I originally selected BlueSky because they are a non-commission based fiduciary. The services they provide are much more than that. They made sure all of my estate documents were up to date. They analyzed all of my insurance policies helped me fix life insurance and annuities. At age 65 they helped me through the Medicare maze which saved me a lot of time. There is so much more they have done which has exceeded my expectations. I trust them to guide me so that I achieve the retirement and legacy inheritance goals I have for me and my family. I have a great advisory team consisting of tax planners, estate planners and investment management and advisors. My BlueSky team sits in on almost all of these meetings and have provided much needed guidance and insights. In fact, they have organized many of the needed meetings to deal with complex tax and estate planning issues. Most importantly, I’ve gotten to know my BlueSky team and feel that they are not just friends, but a loved part of the family.”

Ron and Juliet

Indian Rocks Beach, FL

BlueSky clients since 2021


“My team at Blue Sky, headed by John and Johanna, have taken the time to know me and what is important too me. They display a sincere interest in me and my family, and we have developed a trusting relationship. The response to my questions is prompt and in terms that I can understand, no question is unimportant to them. Due to their guidance and support, I feel secure as in my retirement, and I am so grateful to them.”

BlueSky Client

San Jose, CA


“We have been with David Blain and Blue Sky for over 22 years. From humble beginnings in investments, David has set us up for wonderful fruitful retirement years. David and his company has so much integrity and professionalism. We can not be more thankful for all they have accomplished for us over the years.”

Gene and Pat

Fayetteville, NC

BlueSky clients since 2001


“We first explored the BlueSky service attracted by its flat-free structure yet tailored to the client’s use-case – this way it is not a cookie-cutter service. After signing on we were pleasantly surprised by the holistic review, advice and implementation for our family’s financial situation – not just products to invest in. The long-term approach and prompt attention to matters has been a breath of fresh air in wealth management.?

BlueSky Client

Saratoga, CA


“Our partnership with BlueSky has far exceeded our expectations. For us, above the highest levels of competency and intelligence that they provide, we appreciate how much they actually care and listen. They understand who we are and what our goals are, they more than help to get us there, and they are very enjoyable to work with. Truly a relationship that we are thankful for.”

BlueSky Client

Cary, NC


“I am very busy as the owner of a small business, and have many outside interests. Because of this, I have never paid enough attention to my investments, as well as made mistakes in the past, selling in panic when the market went down, and not buying back in until the market was high again. Working with BlueSky now gives me complete confidence that my investments are based on real knowledge and experience, as well as on what my risk-profile and needs in my life are. It’s total peace of mind – especially valuable to me in these years of stock markets ups and downs.”


Menlo Park, CA

BlueSky client since 2021