Our DIfferentiators

Our Differentiators 

BlueSky provides honest, respectful, and professional financial advice with a flat fee structure, a team of advisors, diverse knowledge, and a focus on client experience.

Honest & Prudent Advisory Services

It’s not only our flat fee structure, business model, offerings and client experience that makes us different. It’s our obligations to you and your family. We treat your money with the same care and prudence that we treat our own with. It’s not always popular, but we tell the truth. As our values state, we promise to treat you with respect, professionalism, and honesty. This works together to maintain a nonjudgmental attitude towards your goals and the information presented to us.

We charge a flat fee that is based on the complexity of your situation and the specific circumstances that we expect to encounter over several years of working with you. This is in direct opposition to most of the advisory industry which charges a percentage fee based on the size of your portfolio. We think that when the markets go up or you put more money in your account that we shouldn’t necessarily get paid more.

We have built our firm with a generational approach in mind. You are assigned a team of advisors so that you can benefit from the expertise of all our talented employees, optimizing the advice we provide you throughout your ongoing relationship with BlueSky. 

BlueSky’s knowledge across traditional planning topics as well as taxation, estates, business succession, and equity compensation proves valuable for our client base. Our in-house investment portfolio design and management capability is an advantage not often found in advisory firms. One of BlueSky’s great differentiators is our expertise in the development and management of real estate portfolios.

We believe that a high-quality client experience starts with our team setting the correct expectations and standards. This approach greatly increases the chance of ensuring a successful advisory relationship, optimal planning delivery, and meaningful personal connection. This is why we expect clients to be honest and forthcoming about their goals and to inform us of future changes that will affect their personal and professional lives. 

Is BlueSky a good fit for me?

BlueSky’s advisory services work best with people who are willing to learn, grow, and take action when there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to go.