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BlueSky Investing

BlueSky Investing is our proprietary wealth management process that takes into consideration all aspects of your financial life. 

We believe in a disciplined approach to investment management. We maximize diversification and minimize unnecessary risk and expense. Your trusted team of advisors will consistently review your goals, financial needs, and portfolio, to ensure that your financial plan is always on the right path.

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After we learn what matters most to you in life and your financial priorities, we take into account your willingness to assume risk, your ability to assume risk, your needed returns, and your desired returns. We will analyze all of your investment accounts, taking each of them into consideration when designing your holistic plan.

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Your BlueSky advisory team along with our professional investment team will continually monitor your portfolio’s performance while proactively looking for opportunities for tax-efficient strategies, all while making sure that you are on track to reach your goals.

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Based on these parameters, we will match one of our BlueSky Portfolio℠ models developed with Nobel Prize-winning academic research and an evidence-based philosophy. We then take the extra step of customizing your model in order to meet your specific circumstances and recommend an investment allocation for your assets.

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We believe in using investments that are designed to support an evidence-based philosophy. We do not believe in the Wall Street mentality of actively managed, high fee mutual funds. Instead, we use low-cost mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) saving you money and preserving your wealth. 

NAPFA-Registered, Fee-Only Financial Advisors

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Educated decisions lead to the best decisions.

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