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BlueSky Client Engagement

BlueSky Wealth Advisors provides ongoing value to our clients through our long-term relationships. As a full-service advisory firm, we do not offer hourly or one-time planning sessions.

At BlueSky, we understand that what works for one client does not work for all. To accommodate our client's needs in their varying stages of life, we offer different levels of service to fit your needs. Clients at each level of service will receive unique planning services dependent on the complexity of their current financial situation. We have a well-defined process to determine the complexity involved in your planning which ultimately drives the fee for the level of service you need. Our service levels are tailored based on your stage of life, income, net worth, and scope of planning involved. At every service level, our clients have the guarantee of ongoing timely communication with their Personal Advisory Team and Client Service and Operations Team.  

BlueSky's Full Retainer Engagement considers the uniqueness of your circumstances and offers ongoing advice and counsel in all areas that touch your   life. In this way, the various aspects of your planning are all coordinated and provide an integrated approach to success. Sensibly, we believe it’s impossible to foresee all the circumstances of your future,  so we opt to protect you for the long term by addressing each area.

NAPFA-Registered, Fee-Only Financial Advisors

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