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ead what others are saying about, “Invest in Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio”

“This book will be of immense help to those who want to make sure that their investments and investment strategies are sound, logical, economical, and truly in their best interests. I have known and worked with David for numerous clients and am always impressed with his dedication, acumen, and good business sense. I can think of no better author or example that good investment advisors can model than David.”

—ALAN S. GASSMAN, JD, LLM Florida Board Certified Trust and Estate Lawyer and Author

“If you’re tired of all the financial misinformation pumped out in the media, this no-nonsense guide is perfect to help you take charge of your financial life. It’s perfect for the business owner or highly compensated professional who wants a road map to win the money game.”

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, SCALE: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back

“Do you have someone that you could count on to take care of your family and your finances if something happened to you? David earned that position in my life.

I have been doing business and investing with David for twenty-five years because I know that if something happened to me, I could trust him to look out for my wife, my family, our money, and therefore, with my life. David is a solid citizen. His values ring forth from these pages effortlessly because he has lived them. I have had the privilege of knowing David as a soldier, leader, friend, business as-sociate, investment advisor, and family man. To see how he has built his family, his friendships, and his business has been inspirational. I believe it is important to know how someone lives, not just how they do their job. David is unique in that his emotional and relational intelligence ex-cels as much as his financial intelligence.

This book is a solid read for anyone that wants to build a foundation or go all the way to financial independence. Some of my greatest gifts to others have been books to help them accomplish their dreams. This book will be one of them. I am ecstatic that we will all have this book as a resource! Bravo, David!”

—KEVIN BELL Business, Finances, and Asset Development

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