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David L. Blain, CFA, is CEO and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors and author of “Invest in Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio.”

In light of a recent partnership with BlueSky Wealth Advisors and Elon University promoting financial literacy amongst students, David L. Blain, CFA, was invited to speak to Elon students on the principles of financial success. 

David’s virtual presentation was open to all Elon students who had the opportunity to receive a complimentary book after the presentation. Several BlueSky employees attended and were thrilled to interact with students on the importance of a financial framework rooted in knowledge.

The theme of David’s presentation is also a strong current in his book and the philosophy at BlueSky: “If you want to have above-average finances, you have to do something different than the average person.” This idealogy prompted questions from students eager to learn about passive income streams, real estate investments, and the decision of owning versus buying a home. 

Set goals. Increase your earning potential. Defer consumption and save. Convert to financial capital. Create passive income. Achieve longer-term goals. Mitigate threats. Leave a legacy.

David also shared his “road map” to financial success, as illustrated in his book (see figure above). He led students through the importance of writing down their goals, increasing their earning potential, practicing self-control to defer consumption and save for the future, all while navigating the potential “roadblocks” to financial independence.

Ultimately, David encouraged students to live out his ethos of investing in themselves. He asked students to focus on the things that they enjoy, they are good at, and to further hone those skills. 

To hear more from David L. Blain, check out more articles below or get a copy of his book “Invest in Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio,” here.

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