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Who's Behind the Blue? Senior Wealth Advisor John Gjertsen, CFA, CFP®, EA

Who's Behind the Blue?

Meet John Gjertsen, CFA, CFP®, EA, Senior Wealth Advisor at BlueSky Wealth Advisors. 

As one of our longest-tenured advisors, John provides critical insight into our tax planning processes and investment philosophy. His passion for creative problem solving and elaborate strategy is a tremendous asset to BlueSky's proprietary tools and methods.

Why does John love working for BlueSky? 

As an avid board game enthusiast, John enjoys the puzzles and unique challenges of each client's situation. John started his professional career as a computer programmer. Even though he liked the technicality of working in IT, he much prefers the interaction and impactful personal connection that he now has with clients.

What is John working on now?

There is never a dull moment at BlueSky for John. When he isn't meeting with clients, he spends much of his time delving into market trends and tax code updates to ensure that our strategies are always in alignment with the latest research and industry findings.

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