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Who's Behind the Blue? Jennifer White, Director of Client Engagement and Experience

Who's Behind the Blue?

Meet Jennifer (Jen) White, Director of Client Engagement and Experience.

As a valued member of the BlueSky leadership team, Jen White is responsible for overseeing the branding, client engagement, sales processes and marketing strategies for the firm. She also provides valuable input into BlueSky's organizational culture for optimal employee retention and recruitment.

Why does Jen love working for BlueSky? 

Jen loves that her job is client-facing, meaning she is the first person that prospective clients engage with in the process of learning more about BlueSky. She enjoys meeting new people, listening to their pain points, and exploring all the ways that BlueSky can provide value to that person's unique situation.

What is a fun fact about Jen? 

Before joining the BlueSky team six years ago, Jen actually worked as a consultant to David Blain, CEO and Founder, to help build the BlueSky brand. Seeing her tremendous value as a marketing strategist and brand consultant, David recruited Jen to join BlueSky full-time as the Director of Client Engagement and Experience. 

What else is Jen up to?

As Director of Client Engagement and Experience, Jen analyzes every step in the process for both prospective and existing clients. She strategizes with each department to ensure that we are consistently engaging with clients, upholding brand standards, and practicing the culture we have worked so hard to create.

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