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WATCH LIVE! Stephen Fletcher, CFP®, MBA interview with WJLA-ABC (Washington, D.C. affiliate) regarding a recent study conducted by NAPFA .

Stephen Fletcher, CFP® , MBA, is a Senior Wealth Advisor at BlueSky Wealth Advisors and Lead Educator for the NAPFA Genesis Community.

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors reports a shift in the way that American workers view their income in the post-pandemic environment. Up to 27% of all participants said that they are more likely to start a new business or search for a new job. Another 70% stated that are considering adding an additional stream of income. 

In an interview with WJLA-ABC News, Senior Wealth Advisor, Stephen Fletcher, CFP®, MBA, compares these findings with his own experience working with business owners during the pandemic. See the full interview below:

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