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Pension Webinar Course - Session 1: A Guide to Employer and Employee Benefits

Are you a business owner looking for answers on what retirement plan is right for you and your company? Look no further. In this first session of a five part course, David Blain, CFA, author of Invest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfolio, CEO, and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors explains the different types of retirement plans and what to consider when choosing one that works for you and your employees.  

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Where to Look:

Why Offer a Pension Plan? A Guide to Employer and Employee Benefits 3:20

Types of Pension Plans 10:10

Retirement Plan or Shopping Mall? 12:37

What to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Plan 14:56

Pros & Cons of Tax Deferrals 20:24

Roth VS. Traditional IRA 20:31

Social Security Benefits of a Pension 23:45

Types of IRAS and their 2019 Contribution Limits 29:19

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