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BlueSky's David Blain and Taxloopholes.com - A Meeting of the Minds

BlueSky Wealth Advisors' Founder and CEO, David Blain, CFA, will soon be a guest contributor to the powerhouse website www.taxloopholes.com. This website is a cult favorite and hub of knowledge for savvy business owners and investors looking to receive the most innovative information on tax strategy and business development. 

Originally founded in 2004 by Diane Kennedy CPA, Taxloopholes.com has recently gone through major renovations. Over the years, the site has matured and grown its focus to include financial and wealth tools for business owners and investors, in addition to its original mandate to provide the best education on tax strategy around.

David Blain (right), Founder of BlueSky, speaks to an audience with Founder of Maui Mastermind, David Finkel (left) at the Maui Mastermind Conference in Irvine, CA.

The choice for Blain to be invited to write as a contributor came from his 20 years of expertise combined with his firsthand knowledge as a successful business owner himself. Finkel, who also writes for taxloopholes.com, had this to say about Blain, “I’ve enjoyed my professional relationship and friendship with David for several years now.  I’ve watched him walk his talk.  His fluency in tax and wealth planning is extraordinary. He brings a clear expertise both as a wealth advisor and a business owner to the Taxloopholes.com Advisor team.”

Keep an eye out for David's first post on December 20th!


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