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Who's Behind the Blue? Wealth Advisor Stephen Fletcher, CFP®, MBA

Who's behind the blue?

Meet Stephen Fletcher, CFP®, MBA.

Helping people and giving peace of mind is his passion.

Why does Stephen love working for BlueSky?

  1. He loves working with passionate people who care deeply for clients and helping them reach financial independence.
  2. He loves sitting on the same side as his clients, being able to dig deeply, having their best interest at heart, and helping them reach their financial goals.

What's next for Stephen?

Stephen plans on getting his EA designation (IRS Enrolled Agent designation) to help clients with tax planning strategies.

What else is Stephen up to?

Stephen is passionate about helping others grow personally and professionally. He often contributes his time by guest speaking on webinars, submitting content for reporters, or mentoring fellow associates. For the past two years, he has served on the NAPFA Genesis board to help educate and grow the next generation of financial planners.

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