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Who's Behind the Blue? Mary Ellen Crisp, Director of Client Service and Quality Assurance

Who's Behind the Blue?

Meet Mary Ellen Crisp, Director of Client Service and Quality Assurance.

BlueSky Director of Client Service and Quality Assurance, Mary Ellen Crisp, strives to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Her love for interacting with clients while paying careful attention to the details that bring them the highest quality of service is an exceptional asset to the BlueSky team. 

Why does Mary Ellen love working for BlueSky? 

Mary Ellen believes the most fulfilling part of her job to be the relationships that she forms with our clients. She thrives in a setting where she can meet new people and enjoys being part of a team that helps others with their financial challenges and goals.

What is a fun fact about Mary Ellen? 

Mary Ellen is BlueSky's longest-running team member. She was CEO David Blain's first hire and has enjoyed watching (and helping) BlueSky grow over the last 14 years.

What is Mary Ellen working on now?

Always busy ensuring that clients are getting the best quality of service possible, Mary Ellen is continuously looking for ways to improve and sharpen our service model. She is currently working with our Client Service Specialists and our Client Engagement team to create an even more streamlined and efficient design for engaging with new clients. 

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