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2021 Financial Forecast: A Step-by-Step Video Series to Help Guide You Through the Changes Ahead | Episode 1

David Blain, CFA, is CEO and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors and author of "Invest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfolio."

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Carolina East Health System, David L. Blain, CFA, has experienced a front-row seat to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic from both a micro and macro effect on the economy and financial markets. 

In his ongoing series, 2021 Financial Forecast: A Step-By-Step Guide to a Year of ChangeDavid provides a thorough overview of what to expect in the year(s) ahead, while taking a deep-dive into the financial sectors potentially affected by the incoming administration's proposed policy changes. 

Click below to watch the first episode, "An Introduction: Are You Ready for Some Changes?"


0:43 - 1:58 | "An Introduction: Are You Ready for Some Changes?"

1:59 - 2:58 | Review of 2020 - Global Pandemic, Market Decline & Recovery, Tax Loss Harvesting, and Real Estate Investments

2:59 - 4:39 | Looking towards 2021 - COVID Recovery, Capital Market Returns, Bond Returns, Gold Returns, Health Care and Infrastructure Under Biden Administration

4:40 - 7:07 | Adjustments to Tax Policies, Proposed Changes Target to High-Income Earners, Corporate Tax Policy Changes, Potential Tax Credits, Estate Tax,

7:08 - 7:47 | Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare, Lowering Medicare Age, Health Insurance

7:48 - 9:08 | Retirement Planning - Potential Tax Credits, Flipping the Concept of Tax Planning for Retirement, RMDs Postponed, Matching 401k Contributions for Student Loan Payments, Social Security Updates

9:09 - 9:50 | Real Estate - Legislative Proposal by Biden Administration Against Evicting Tenants, More Affordable Housing Programs, Eliminating Section 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges for any Tax Payer Making More than 400k/year.

Next Episode:

Setting the Stage | Episode 2 - Click here to view.

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