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BlueSky Flat Fee

Our proprietary pricing structure is created on the belief that an advisory fee should be based on the value we provide, not just on the assets we manage.

Why a flat fee?

BlueSky uses a flat fee, based on your level of complexity. We think the fee you pay for planning and management should be based not just on the amount of money you have, but the complexity of your situation, your individual needs, and the value we can provide.  Sometimes the size of a client’s investment account belies the complexity of the situation, and yet other times clients with large balances have relatively straightforward needs. To solve this inequity, we create a custom fee based on your unique situation and level of complexity.  As your circumstances change throughout the years you work with us, the fee is also adjusted up or down to reflect your changing finances.

Quarterly fees can range,  dependent upon the complexity and customization requirements. While our  fee is not based on your level  of  assets, our services are particularly  cost-effective for those who   have a net worth of over $1 million and  desire day-to-day management  of  their financials.

Our minimum fee for new clients is $2,150 per quarter, some exceptions may apply.

How is your flat fee calculated?

Your  fee is structured by using our proprietary method of calculating the  numerous factors of your financial life and then applying them to the  following variables: stage of life, portfolio complexity, additional  planning complexities, and service level of engagement.

What is your stage of life?

If you are a retiree that is  looking to maintain a certain level of lifestyle, your needs will not be  the same as those of an individual in their middle earning years with a  high tax bracket and multiple children needing college planning. 

What is your portfolio complexity?

Our fee structure also  takes into account the many factors that add to the complexity of  managing our client's investments. For example, the number of accounts,  how the portfolio positions are structured, the types of accounts being  managed, multiple tax implications, and frequency of transactions.

How do you earn your income?

If you are a high earning  executive, or a successful business owner, your needs will be factored  differently than those of a young professional who is starting to  navigate the opportunities to grow their wealth.

NAPFA-Registered, Fee-Only Financial Advisors

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