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BlueSky FlatFee℠

BlueSky FlatFee is the pricing structure we created on the belief that an advisory fee should be based on the value we provide, not just on the assets we manage.

Most advisors charge on an AUM basis. Whether they are fee-only (that is, they are paid only by the client, not by third parties for selling products), or fee-based (having a mix of fees and commissions from product sales) are compensated by charging a percentage of the client’s portfolio value, otherwise known as an asset under management (AUM) fee. AUM fees paid to advisory firms can range from about 0.25% to as high as 3%. This does not include the fees paid for ETF/mutual funds, which can tack on another 2% when advisors recommend actively managed funds.

BlueSky uses a flat fee, based on your level of complexity. We think the fee you pay for planning and management should be based not just on the amount of money you have, but the complexity of your situation, your individual needs, and the value we can provide.  Sometimes the size of a client’s investment account belies the complexity of the situation, and yet other times clients with large balances have relatively straightforward needs. To solve this inequity, we create a custom fee based on your unique situation and level of complexity.  As your circumstances change throughout the years you work with us, the fee is also adjusted up or down to reflect your changing finances.

BlueSky Full Retainer Engagement:

The BlueSky Full Retainer Engagement is like having your own personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We consider the uniqueness of your circumstances and offer advice and counsel in all areas that touch your life. In this way, the various aspects of your planning are all coordinated and provide an integrated approach to success. Sensibly, we believe it’s impossible to foresee all the circumstances of your future, so we opt to protect you for the long term by addressing all areas.

While our fee is not based on your level of assets, our services are particularly cost-effective for those who have a net worth of over $1 million and desire day-to-day management of their financials.

Quarterly fees can range from $1,000 - $20,000, dependent upon the complexity and customization requirements.

BlueSky Full Retainer Engagements include:

BlueSky Planning - Defining goals, cash flow, cash reserves, strategic asset allocations, retirement projections, tax planning, risk management, estate planning, and coordination with professional partners (attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, etc).

BlueSky Investing - Our proprietary portfolio design and management process that is based on evidence based investment strategies.

Planning Sessions – After the initial discovery and planning phase of our relationship, our Full Service Engagements includes two scheduled major planning sessions with your advisory team per year, interim planning sessions as needed to address key life or goal changes, and unlimited phone and email communication.

Additional Services - The BlueSky Full Retainer Engagement can also include premium benefits to those families and individuals with more complex financial situations. These services include:

  • Quarterly planning sessions
  • Annual tax projections
  • Cross-border and international planning
  • Educational planning
  • Equity compensation (RSU, ESPP, ISO, NSO, etc.) planning
  • Real estate investment advice
  • Small business advice
  • Philanthropic and endowment planning

Educated decisions lead to the best decisions.

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