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2023 Q3 In Review: Quarterly Update from David Blain, CFA, CEO


David Blain, CFA and CEO of BlueSky Wealth Advisors, shares five key takeaways for investors heading into Q4 2023.

The charts he discusses in his video are featured below, along with a timestamp for quick reference.

1. Stocks have held onto strong gains while bonds have struggled (timestamp 0:45)

2. Interest rates have risen to 16-year highs (timestamp 2:35)

3. The economy has been stronger than expected (timestamp 4:19)

4. The Fed expects to keep rates higher for longer (timestamp 6:10)

5. Investors are fully in control of how and when they save and invest (timestamp 8:38)

For even more details about these charts, you can read our previous blog post (found here) that dives a little deeper into the story that these charts are telling. 

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