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David Blain, CFA, is CEO and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors and author of “Invest in Your Life, Not Just your Portfolio.”

In the second episode of the series, David explains the highs and unprecedented lows of 2020, a year like no other. As the US economy recovers from the deepest recession in modern history, David stresses the importance of having an evergreen financial plan to safeguard your goals during times of duress and turbulence. David also reviews the stock market returns, commodity markets, real estate investment returns, and much more, setting the stage for impending change in the year to come. 

Check out this week’s episode below.


0:11 – 0:34 | Introduction: What A Year!

0:35 – 3:07 | COVID-19 Pandemic Economic Overview, Shortest and Deepest Recession in Modern History, Unprecedented Stimulus Packages

3:08 – 4:18 | Stock Market Fluctuations, Bear Market from February 12 – March 23, S&P 500 Dips, Fear for Economical Collapse

4:19 – 5:29 | The Key to Surviving a Turbulent Market, Tax Loss Harvesting, An Evergreen Financial Strategy

5:30 – 7:06 | Commodity Markets: Oil Market Declines, Unprecedented Oil Stock Price, Saudi Arabia and Russia Oil Production Feud

7:07 – 8:00 | S&P 500 Increase, Impossibility of Market Timing

8:01 – 8:55 | Technology Markets: Success of Technology Companies, Resurgence of Small Tech

8:56 – 10:37| “Growth vs. Value Story,” Growth Stock and Value Stock Returns, Inflation, International and Emerging Market Returns

10:38 – 12:02 | Cash Returns, Bond Market Returns: TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) Return, Long Term Treasury Bond Returns

12:03 – 12:27 | Gold Returns, The Rise of Gold in a Panicked Environment

12:28 – 16:33| Real Estate: Public REITS Decline, Private Real Estate Investment Returns, Exodus from Urban Areas to More Remote Locations, Rental Market Fluctuations, Commercial Real Estate Deals

16:34 – 16:54 | Closing Sentiments

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