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David L. Blain, CFA, is CEO and Founder of BlueSky Wealth Advisors and author of “Invest in Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio.”

In the third episode of his on-going video series, 2021 Financial Forecast, David discusses the 2021 Economic Outlook. Taking a deep dive into the economic recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the forecasted changes under President Biden’s administration. Episode three is delivered in two parts. Part 1 covers the COVID-19 recovery regarding global reaction and US markets. David presents three possible scenarios of what pre-COVID normalcy may look like. Part 2 takes a closer look at the restoration of developed markets (US, Eurozone, UK, China) and explains why he predicts a lengthy recovery for emerging markets such as India, Africa, and South America. Watch Part 1 & Part 2 below!

2021 Financial Forecast | 2021 Economic Outlook | Episode 3 – Part 1

Highlights of Part 1:

0:00 – 0:25 | Introduction & Recap

0:26 – 2:36| Coronavirus, Resurgence, Vaccination, Global Probability Models, Global Economic Outlook Percentages, “Herd Immunity”

2:37 – 4:01| 4th Quarter PMI (Purchase Managers Index) Decrease, Anticipated Resolution in 2021, Supply Chain Disruption and Recovery, Deglobalization

4:02 – 5:01| COVID Treatments, Death Rate & Statistics, Improved Care & Know-How

5:02 – 7:31| Normalcy in the Age of COVID, Unprecedented Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus, Post-COVID Normalcy, Virtual Workforce

7:32 – 8:57| Adaptation of Restaurants, Search for the Solution for Hospitality and Travel Industry

8:58 – 10:06| Rapid Development of COVID Vaccine, Projected Advances in Biotech and Medical Industries

10:07 – 11:43| Fiscal Stimulus and Monetary Policies Growth, US Financial Deficit, Unprecedented Economic Paradigm

11:44 – 14:09| Three Potential Scenarios for Economic Recovery

2021 Financial Forecast | 2021 Economic Outlook | Episode 3 – Part 2

Highlights of Part 2:

0:00 – 0:02| Regional Economic Outlooks

0:02 – 1:29| US Economic Outlook: Unemployment Rate, Decline in the Strength of the Dollar, Modest Inflation, Lack of Bankruptcy, Rental Market

1:30 – 2:49| President Biden’s $1.9 Million Stimulus Package, Pledges for Increased Spending on Infrastructure, Health Care, Education

2:50 – 3:29| Strength in US Housing Market, Lowest Inventory of Housing in Recent Times, Low-Interest Rates

3:30 – 4:13| Concerns for States and Local Government Unable to Print Money

4:14 – 4:39| US Economic Outlook Summary: 4-5% Growth Projected in 2021, Multiple Stimulus Plans

4:40 – 6:18| Euro-Zone Economic Outlook: Similar Dislocation of the Economy as the US, Upcoming Interdependency between European Countries

6:19 – 8:14|UK: Economic Recovery Amidst COVID and Brexit, Greater Dependency on Hospitality Industry, Workforce Updates and Restrictions Post-Brexit Deal

8:15 – 12:25| China: 9% Growth for the Year, Return to Pre-COVID levels, Infrastructure Projects Leading to Faster Recovery, Lower Stimulation from Chinese Central Bank, Intensive Monitorization of Citizens Limiting Spread of COVID, Bi-Lateral Volatility and Continued Tensions between US and China, Reworking of Supply Chain

12:26 – 13:29| Japan: Less Affected by COVID Pandemic than Anticipated, Loss of Prime Minister Abe with Similar Successor Following

13:20 – 15:36| Other Emerging Markets: India Affected Greatly, Fragile Recovery Projected, Commodity Dependency, Full Recovery Projected Closer to 2022

15:37 – 16:23| Summary of Part 1 and Part 2: Approaching Normalcy Near Summer, Low Inflation and Interest Rates, Prevalence of Government Stimulus

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