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Meet John and Nancy, the Stress-Free Retirees

John and Nancy have a passion for being on the water. When they became clients seven years ago, one of their life goals was to retire early and sail their boat from Maine to Key West. To make this happen, we first had to address some key issues that John and Nancy identified as concerns. These concerns included putting their grandchildren through college, paying off debt, selling their current house and downsizing, managing their pensions, developing a strategy for collecting Social Security, long-term care for themselves, and taking care of elderly parents.

Our first recommendation was to take their pensions as a lump sum, which would allow us to manage those assets as part of a globally diversified portfolio. By doing so, we could also begin generating sufficient returns to help pay for their grandchildren’s college in a few years and assist in the care of their parents. Next we recommended a local realtor to help them sell their single family home and buy a condo, enabling them to use the leftover proceeds to pay off other debt. Finally, to maximize their monthly benefit, we recommended they wait until age 70 to begin collecting Social Security and use these funds to cover the cost of long-term care insurance.

Today, with their planning issues resolved, John and Nancy are happily sailing along the coastline, dividing their time between their home port and the waterways of the Eastern United States.