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Meet Ian and Jill, a Cross-Border Family

Ian and Jill are British nationals who work for a large multinational corporation. When they became clients four years ago, their financial situation was complicated and disorganized. They owned properties in the UK and still had investment accounts at UK brokerages and retirement accounts with their previous employers in London. In addition to their assets back home, Ian and Jill had new investment and retirement accounts as well as real estate here in the US.

They wanted to relocate some of their foreign investment assets to the US, create a timeline for selling their UK property and buying a house here, optimize their salary and equity compensation plans with their current employer, and create a comprehensive estate plan that adheres to both UK and US estate laws.

Many of our clients are expats, either living in the US or abroad. We were able to help Ian and Jill organize and simplify their financial situation, understanding the unique challenges involved in cross-border financial planning. First, we helped them secure a mortgage to purchase a new home in the US and identified a property management firm in the UK to rent their home there. Next, we created a plan to maximize contributions to their employee-sponsored plan and diversify their equity compensation plan holdings. Finally, we helped them to consolidate their remaining assets, including those in the UK, into two brokerage accounts here in the US.

Now, Ian and Jill are happily settled with their growing family in a new home and have a rental property that provides cash flow as well as a properly diversified, globally allocated portfolio.